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50 Foot Drop promotes self expression, individuality, originality and creativity through it's quirky, tongue in cheek collections, taking fashion inspiration from late 80s and 90s hip hop fashion. We are motivated by the likes of Karl Kani, Cross Colours, Kenzo, Phat Farm, Tommy Hilfiger, Supreme and other street based clothing brands.

50 Foot Drop brings vibrant fabrics, bold graphical prints, impeccable embroidery work and fine finishing touches to each and every garment to give our products that "old skool" feel.

When you wear our brand you stand out from the crowd not blend in with the rest of the drones and plain thinking humans!
We want to celebrate people with colour, character and charisma in mind and spirit, creative souls and individuals who aren't afraid to express themselves.


O C Thomas is a young man with a plan since escaping a near death accident in 2015. Owen fell 50 feet from a cliff in Cornwall, severely breaking both his ankles, fracturing his skull and has ended up spending his new life rolling around in a wheelchair. Father of one decided to create 50 Foot Drop and spend his new life working on his passions in fashion and design to build a new career, being himself.

His skill set is self-taught blended with a relaxed natural talent and he constantly thinks outside the box to develop his clothing brand and ideas. Everything you see, O C has done himself from designs, illustrations, concepts, writing, branding and product production.

"Ironically, I've never been one to sit on my rear! No matter what your struggle may be, no matter how hard your situation, if you put in the work and focus your mind then you can achieve incredible things, and if it doesn’t work out, try again.
But first and foremost, be yourself, do what you love, allow your concepts to grow organically and sustain that, it"s super important.
People will say there are thousands of ideas out there like yours, but they'd be wrong, none of them are, can, or ever will be YOU. "



Those with a dream and drive to succeed,
those who give in a time of need
Food lovers, animal huggers, mother luvvaz
Saxophone blowers, independent growers
Hard workers, grafters, people who know what their afters
Hip hoppers, head nodders, start-up support bloggers
Skaters, non-haters, polite alligators and bistro restaurant waiters
Fashion followers, style warriors
Entrepreneurs, organic with no furs, those that can drop a verse.
No egos. Real peoples.